Did you know that the Anaheim Convention Center has an on-site composting unit and recycling center? How about that it has a vegetable and herb garden on it'€™s roof and has ownership of it'€™s own free-range grass-fed cows?" If being green is as important to you as it is to Anaheim, keep reading to find out how the Anaheim Convention Center continues to maintain sustainability daily." 

I like delicious, high-quality beer. It'€™s a fact that, in addition to my order selections when I was at my 20-year reunion, got me the snooty looks. What can I say? I couldn'€™t afford good beer when I was in college, but thankfully, I can now.

Spending the December holidays in Southern California doesn'€™t just mean avoiding cold winter weather elsewhere '€“ it also means indulging in some of the most delicious holiday food in the country.If you'€™re lucky enough to be visiting this time of year, you'€™re in for a real treat.Here are some of the holiday dining experiences in Orange County you simply can'€™t miss.

One of my family's favorite holiday tradtions is driving around Orange County looking at all of the holiday light displays. What can I say? I'm a sucker for all the pretty lights and have been known to drag my family along for the (sometimes very long) drive. Lucikly, Orange County has some pretty fabulous light displays to "ohhhhhh!" & "ahhhhh!" over.

Nothing rings in the holidays" quite" like a good ol' fashioned Christmas tree lighting. Here in Orange County, we may not have snow, but we like to go big anyway. That's why some of our most popular tree lighting ceremonies boast 90 foot trees and 70,000 lights. Check out the biggest tree lighting ceremonies happening in Orange County, and give the holiday season a bright start!

The holidays are almost here, and it is easy to fall in love with the fattening foods that are often served. With obesity rates on the rise, now is the perfect time to starting thinking about healthier food options for the holidays.

When the days get shorter and the weather cools off, most of us tend to spend more time indoors."  But in Southern California, there's no reason to!"  Fall just may be the most delightful season in Orange County: the summer crowds are gone, the traffic near the beach is lighter, and the weather remains sunny and beautiful."  If you're visiting during this time of year, you're in for a real treat (just don't tell your friends back home that you're enjoying an extended summer - they'll be jealous!).

October is here and the Orange County-area locals know what that means- Knott'€™s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt! Ever since 1973, Knott'€™s Berry Farm has been transforming the entire park into Knott'€™s Scary Farm, the most thrilling and fun Halloween event of the year. " Want to know what kind of scares you can encounter and how average people become monsters? Keep reading, if you dare!